August 2016 Balancing Update Exact Numbers

The Maintenance Break for one of the most controversial Clash of Clans Update is just finished – with all the discussion beforehand; Supercell never told us any exact numbers. They always said words like “increase”, “slower” or “increased”.

Here is the announcement and the full history of this update:

I gathered the exact changes so you can get a picture how this update will affect your own attacking.

Cannon DPS Changes August Update

The DPS of the Cannon Level 11 to Level 14 got a boost – here’s what Supercell did:

  • Cannon Level 11
  • Cannon Level 12
  • Cannon Level 13
  • Cannon Level 14
    • Old DPS: 110
    • New DPS: 120

So overall the Cannon deals between 7% and 9% more damage, which is not too much to make Cannons too overpowered in my first impression.

I also have to admit I haven’t executed tons of attacks yet so I will keep an eye on that.

Miner Movement Speed Reduction

The Miners’ movement speed was 24 before the update and it got reduced to 20. This makes it only a little slower.

The more interesting thing to see will be if the voices claiming that this will make him even more powerful because staying behind other troops and longer inside a Healing Spell range will be better – hopefully not.

Eagle Artillery Activation

Before the update the Eagle Artillery was activated when 150 housing space was dropped (Heroes count 25 and each spell housing space 5).

Hard to tell from my first attacks what happened, but it looks like the Eagle Artillery still got activated on 150 Housing Space. I want to make some more attacks to be sure.

I’m sure it’s not 150, but the new limit should be very close to that.

UPDATE: Some people reported that the Eagle Artillery now gets activated with 180 housing space on the battlefield.

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Updated: September 22, 2017 — 5:12 pm
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