Balancing Update August 2016 TODAY

Supercell just released in their blog that there will be a balancing patch in August. This came a little bit surprising since all comments regarding the update pointed towards a balancing in the September Update (I wrote about that in the September Update Ticker here).

August Balancing Update

Before I give my opinion about it I will show you the balancing changes:

The team is in full swing working on the next major update. In the meanwhile, we have a small balancing patch going out with the following changes:

Cannon damage increased for levels 11-14

  • We currently are developing a better defensive answer to mass-attacks of mid-size units. For now, a Cannon damage boost will help pick up the slack.

Healers trigger air traps (once again)

  • Healers have become a staple high-level troop, but stay out of defensive range too safely, sometimes for the entire battle. Cue the Seeking Air Mines!

Miner movement speed reduced

  • Miners are a bit too speedy for a unit that burrows underground, making them too effective at overwhelming and wiping out entire Villages.

Attackers can deploy more of their army before Eagle Artillery will activate

  • Eagle Artillery’s quick activation limits phase-based attacks more than it needs to. This change gives attackers more early battle flexibility.

Clash on! 
The Clash of Clans team

When I read the headline I expected that there will be some minor changes that will nerf Bowlers and Miners a little bit, but apparently they will change a whole lot more!

  • Hard to tell how the Cannon damage will have an influence without knowing the actual DPS change. The sentence however sounds like it will be a solid amount of extra damage when I take a look at the slow fire rate of a cannon facing a groupe of 10 or more troops with decent HP
  • Healer trigger air traps. That’s the big boom for me and means that Queen Walk will become a lot more vulnerable. I predict that almost any Clasher now will just put all air traps on the outside in hope to catch some Healers. Especially that it’s not only the Air Bombs but also the Seeking Air Mines that can target Healers again.
  • Miners movement speed is not a big surprise, however I hoped they would solve it via the housing space or maybe the hitpoints or damage dealt. I assume that mass Miner 3-Star attacks won’t be relevant anymore, at least against maxed out bases
  • The Eagle Artillery changes surprise me a little bit as well. I always found the limit ok to get the fundament of my attack set and then going for the Eagle Artillery asap. I’m very interested to see the exact numbers.

I feel a little mixed about the Eagle Artillery and Healer changes and it feels like Supercell want to bring back Golems as a popular troop. This is weird after they brought new level to Giants recently.

This tweet here nails it perfectly:

Also, it seems that all of the NDA club also didn’t know about these changes, which disappoints me very much:

Powerbang has just been in Finland, so I don’t understand why Supercell doesn’t start handling their updates and balancing with all the community feedback they get?!

The big question now is when this balancing update will strike and I found out that the update will be today, on Tuesday August 23rd.

I think around noon, so we have some hours of discussing left.

In the meantime I try to get the numbers of the balancing changes out for your

Looks like this server housekeeping will take at least 1 hour and the balance changes won’t be even included there.

UPDATE! Server upkeep is finished

I think the balance update will be in the next 2-3 hours, but that’s only a feeling that I have. Supercell is pretty distanced in communicating something specific. Would be nice if they would start handling it like the Clash Royale team which is releasing specific numbers and timelines.

DELAYED UPDATE? Supercell thinking about the balancing?

The balancing update was scheduled for today but no more sign from Supercell. When following the social streams there was a lot of critic against the changes, especially the Healer changes.

There also have been some voices that the NDA people (the ones who get exclusive information from Supercell but are not allowed to talk about it) are having huge arguments in their chat with Supercell:

This is something that leads me that Supercell might have caught some cold feet regarding this balancing and might even take some of it back.

I’m not sure but for me that’s the only logic step behind this no communication and no update behavior.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring and hopefully Supercell is thinking about some of their steps instead of pushing it to the limit.

UPDATE! Supercell Still Not Communicating

It’s now more than 24 hours since Supercell did say anything regarding the balancing changes. They were supposed to happen yesterday and I don’t think that technical difficulties are the reason.

The forum thread has now more than 100 pages full of complaints and even all major YouTubers did tell open and honestly that they don’t think that these balancing changes will be any good.

When I just had the feeling that Supercell is now re-thinking the planned balancing changes, I now have some solid hopes they do.

Hopefully we’ve been able to made them understand that they were about to make some horrible things and we did not do this for our own personal good, we did that because we love this game and want it to have a future.

Healer Changes Will Come…

Just minutes ago Supercell released a statement about the Healer Changes – read it here:


The Maintenance Break just started and the balancing changes will be activated like announced in the first place.

In the meantime you can check out this video – really recommend watching:

1 hour left…

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