Barbarians and Dragons Event and Maintenance Break February 5th

All started with a “short” Maintenance Break a couple of minutes ago and then suddenly there was the announcement that we get 5 times quicker training Barbarians and Dragons. I like the idea that Supercell is doing more Events – especially when I can train myself in 4 Seconds and Dragons popping out of my Barracks in 6 Minutes. What should I do? I just boosted a Barrack and the boost is also applying – this means 90 Seconds for a Dragon to train and Barbarians are created instantly.

Barbarian Dragon Event January 2015 in Clash of Clans
Barbarian Event Announcement in Clash of Clans

This will be our road to the February 2015 Update which I suspect getting announced in the middle of next week. I feel like there’s something big – just a feeling (that has been right quite often lately).

Maintenance Break February 5th and End of Event

The Barbarian and Dragon Event will end today and the Maintenace Break will come very soon.

What to do with fast training Barbarians and Dragons?

Barbarians and Dragons together aren’t a very common combination but when you get them like this it’s time to use it. Cleaning the outside with Barbarians and then funnel the Dragons inside. Here’s a Video that might help you with that:

If you’re having trouble because your base gets ripped apart from Dragons all the time you might want to check out these things to do to make your layout Anti Air.

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Updated: September 22, 2017 — 4:41 pm
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