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AllClash is constantly growing since I started it in March 2014. Growing is great but at some point, you realize you need more than your own manpower to fulfill the needs of a growing website. I’ve gotten so much support from you guys out there – editorial support, guide submissions and many more which helped me a lot. I’ve decided that the AllClash Team needs some more engaged members, so I ask you:

Do You Like AllClash and Want to be a Part of the Success Story?

Please don’t get me wrong, I will work as hard (and maybe even harder) than ever before for AllClash with writing guides and expanding the features you find here (I have base design contests and a professional clan recruiting function in mind, just to give you an example what I’m working on besides doing posts). Anyway, I need additional Clashers with experience to help me with. Some require to applicate, others don’t – I’m looking forward to your application

AllClash Authors

Do you like writing and have some experience in Clash of Clans? No matter how much you want to write – I’m sure there are some gifted authors out there willing to write awesome guides for AllClash.

You’ll get the full credit for your guide and can show everyone out there you’ve written for one of the most popular online resources for Clash of Clans! Click here for the details, no application required! Just submit your work and we’ll be in touch 🙂


I’m no native English speaker, and my grammar and spelling is sometimes horrible, I know that and so do you 🙂 I tried to improve with correction software and also checked out online proofreading-services. In fact, no one can make a post look professional for a Clasher than a dedicated Clasher who checked it.

I need some editors to help me with my grammar mistakes, correcting them and making all posts here look shiny. Please write a mail to me ( and tell me something about you, where you’re from and why you want to help me as an Editor!


AllClash visitors come from all over the world, literally! Unfortunately, not all Clashers can speak English, so I need help getting my content translated to your language. Please help translate and you’ll get a big credit box at the end of the translation, showing the whole world that you helped getting high-quality content out there.

No application required – you can read here how to do it!

P.S.: No Google Translate, I will check that 😉

Comment Mods

Do You like discussing Clash of Clans? Great! The comment section gets sometimes crowded, and I need more people helping me handling the comments. You’ll get a shiny “Chief” Tag on your name and be recognized by tons of other Clashers.

Reddit Master

Are you into Reddit? This platform is growing a lot, and I need a Chief to submit and handle the AllClash Content there. Interested? Please drop me a mail with your experience:

What about payment?

The big question is about payment. You need to be aware you’re not applying for a regular day job here. AllClash always was and will always be a community project I founded out of my dedication for running blogs and playing Clash of Clans. Even though there will be no “regular payment”, becoming part of the AllClash Team offers some benefits:

  • Getting reputation in the world of Clash of Clans by being an official and recognized member of a website that is seen by 1+ Million Clashers every month
  • Improve your own skills in writing, moderating and working together on a web-project. You can’t make mistakes here; you can improve yourself
  • Dedicated members get a gift card in reward for dedicated work once in a while. This is not on fixed schedule, but I will do everything I can to make your effort worth the while 🙂

Are you a dedicated Clasher like I am? Then I look forward seeing your input. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions below in the comment section 🙂

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Updated: September 22, 2017 — 5:28 pm
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