ClashCon 2015 New Feature Rumors

ClashCon is getting closer to us and only 4 days are left until we know what the “BIG, NEW, AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENT” that will put Clash of Clans into a new era will be. Of course everyone of us has kind of own expectations – more or less realistic to come. I gathered the ones that will be most realistic to come – but maybe Supercell will surprise us another time 🙂

What we can expect being announced on ClashCon 2015

The good thing is that the Clash of Clans Halloween 2015 Update can be expected next week, shortly after ClashCon ends, so waiting time won’t be that long. But let’s start for what we can expect.

Town Hall 11 in the Halloween Update

That’s what most of us expect – and most sources haven’t done very much to cut those rumors. I myself did a post beginning that year that I personally don’t expect TH11 to happen that soon – earliest end of this year.

TH11 upgrade

Let’s look at the pro and con:

+ Lots of Clashers reached TH10 and needs to get fed with a bunch of new things to build and upgrade

+ Heavily rumored by the Youtubers

– TH10 is not finished yet, no exclusive TH10 Dark Troop

– In general only 5% of all players are TH10 and most of them not nearly finished upgrading

Probability: 35%

Clan Tournaments

For me the most logical step in evolving Clans. On the other hand, we have a Clan War feature that heavily relies on Clans fighting each other – in this case, this will only be a little different way of doing that.

What I can imagine is a feature putting more random people together in fighting against each other in a deathmatch. I can also think of something to evolve yourself like the Clan Perks do with your Clan. You could finally use your Player Level for something useful instead of simply having it.

Let’s look at the pro and con:

+ Supercell straightforward removes the kind of boredom that has come back in 2015 after 2014 was very exciting with Clan Wars. With the 2014 Updates, they made Clan Wars step by step a greater experience that can’t be enhanced that much further to excite people that much more.

+/- No rumors or anything really related to that. (But faking TH11 setups is much easier to do than spreading rumors like that)

Probability: 60%*

* (I personally see something gameplay related way more realistic than a new Town Hall Level, that doesn’t mean it has to be something like described)

Extended Single Player Map, Daily Quests

The Daily Quests have been worked out in the official forum by 2013 and I can’t think how long this is a topic, especially in faked Release Notes. To describe the idea behind it: you can imagine having a daily quest dashboard, that rewards you with resources, experience or maybe Gems for doing certain quests – donating X troops, defeat Y Town Halls, etc.

Clash of Clans Daily Quests in February 2015 update
Daily Quests Mockup by MasterMind

Let’s look at the pro and con:

+ Every successful Freemium game has a feature that drives player back every day to at least collect things – Clash of Clans is the most successful and maybe tries to boost engagement with a feature like this

– A feature like that might bring more comebacks on a daily base, but less engagement because lots of players already come back to collect loot from Mines and Collectors.

Probability: 20%

New Troops, Buildings, and Hero

If Town Hall 11 comes, there will be new troops and buildings, of course. Anyway, I also think that a new troop are very realistic, no matter what. A new building, however, is more unlikely, unless TH11 gets announced.


A new Hero is not realistic, simply because the 2 Heroes we have already are able to decide an attack. Adding another would force Supercell to make the existing ones weaker and that would simply start a shitstorm among Clashers – first making us upgrading them and then make them weaker for introducing a new Hero – that we have to upgrade again! A no go that Supercell probably doesn’t do right now.

Let’s look at the pro and con:

+/- New troops are coming in my opinion, for sure. New buildings depend on TH11 and new Hero is very unlikely

Probability: 93% for the new Troop, 35% for the buildings and 1% for the Hero

Halloween themed event

We got a Halloween event with boosted Spell Factories and a special Obstacle last year and the year before. This year events already leaked footage shows us that we will get it again:

halloween 2015 leaked special cauldron

To make it sure – 100% – and you can read the full post here.

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