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Whether you’ve had enough of Champions League and want to go back to good old Gold I-League; or if you are in Crystal League and want to try farming in Silver League, there is a better way to drop Trophies than dropping 1 Barbarian and surrender. In this post, I want to show you my technique to farm resources while dropping Trophies.

Note: This guide primarily applies to TH9+ because you will need an Archer Queen.

Dropping Trophies

First of all, let’s talk about dropping Trophies. There are lots of different reasons to drop Trophies (some of them are legit, others not that much):

  • End of A Trophy Push to go back farming in a lower League
  • Go to a League where you can get the League Bonus
  • Stop getting attacked by strong players
  • Listening to Clan mate telling at a certain Trophy range is a lot of loot (that’s the less legit point)

I don’t want to discuss whether dropping Trophies is good, bad or right – everyone has their reasons. I only want to show you my technique to make a profit while dropping Trophies.

Dropping Trophies & Earn Loot In The Meantime

Many Clashers simply deploy an Archer or Barbarian and then surrender to drop Trophies. Instead of doing this, you can use your Archer Queen to take out some Collectors along the way.  I have been doing this whenever I want to drop Trophies, and I have been averaging about 10,000 resources per drop. This adds up faster than you would think.

Rules to follow:

  1. Always have a full BARCH army when dropping.  Sometimes you will come across an abandoned base, so you will want to hit it with BARCH for all of its resources.
  2. Drop your Archer Queen in a portion of the base that has multiple Collectors together if possible.  This way you will get the resources from all of these Collectors, instead of just one.
  3. If any splash damage is going to do damage to your Queen, immediately surrender before it hits your Queen.  Once you get the hang of this, you will be good enough at surrendering before a Giant Bomb or Mortar hits your AQ. So you should have no problem protecting your queen from any splash damage.  If you don’t do this, you will have to wait for your queen to recover, which slows down the process of dropping trophies significantly.
  4. Once you get into Silver League, you will start to see exposed Town Halls again.  If you haven’t yet achieved your daily star bonus, you can hit 5 of these easily for the bonus.

That’s it.  Simple enough?  Yes it will take longer for you to drop to your desired league as opposed to dropping one troop and surrendering, but the small amount of loot per collector you get will add up fast, and it will be worth it.  I estimate that every time I drop from Gold I to Silver III, I get about 200k-300k elixir (I only go for elixir pumps).  But you could go for gold collectors, dark elixir drills, or even storages if they are on the outside.

Conclusion & The Unbreakable Achievement

If you want to get some easy defense wins, start dropping to silver III every day before you go to sleep.  You will wake up with 10-20 defense wins in the morning. Many people are constantly trying to drop to low leagues for whatever reason, so you will obtain defense wins from them dropping.  This will easily get you the Unbreakable Achievement. And every time you drop back down to Silver III, you can use this guide to get some extra loot on your way down.

This is a guest post from i5starjordan, who contributed his technique to drop Trophies while earning extra loot. You can also submit your guide or article here (here is the form to do that)


Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison

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