Everything About The December 10th Update in Clash of Clans

How crazy have the last two weeks been?! We never had two weeks of Sneak Peeks and that many changes and new stuff getting introduced in Clash of Clans and finally the marathon is over with the release of the Clash of Clans December 2015 Update on December 10th! Below you find the ticker for the update that will keep you updated on everything that happens. If you haven’t been visiting AllClash.com daily to keep up with the new update features, I have attached below the official Release Notes plus all posts on the changes and new things that we will be able to check out in a couple of hours.


December 10th Update Release Ticker

Check back here to see the current status of the Clash of Clans December Update I will update as soon anything new happens. I don’t expect that the maintenance break and everything will go by as fast as we know from the previous updates, simply because there are so many things that get installed and migrated.

Prepare for the Update with a proper base layout if your Town Hall is still on the outside:

Update Ticker:

Dec-10 (03:22 PM): Clasher with Android not able to download the update? Check here:

Dec-10 (01:49 PM): 45 Minutes left and a new Splash Screen for Clash of Clans:


Dec-10 (12:42 PM): Maintenance Break seems to take a couple of hours. Is “2” a “couple of”? 😉

maintenan cebreak december 10 clash of clans updateDec-10 (12:39 PM): Check out the final Release Notes:

Dec-10 (12:21 PM): The Update is announced and Maintenance Break starts soon!

Dec-09 (05:21 PM): Here’s the roundup of the update that supercell “aims” to release tomorrow with all the features at a glance. It will finally show us what we already knew for the past two days – there will neither be a new troop nor a new spell in the December 2015 Update.

Some still hope for the last and final Sneak Peek, but sorry folks – that’s it for this update.

Dec-08 (07:49 PM): Here’s a beautiful video of full TH11 attacks that give us an excellent idea how attacking will work in the future on high bases. Supercell already announced they like the multi-wave attacks with a kill squad – and you see it very clearly how you will need to use this:

Seems like the days of mass spamming a single troop are over for good.

Dec-07 (05:33 PM): End of Sneak Peeks and estimated release date published:

december 2015 update date


December 2015 Update Release Notes & Feature Overview

We have two different main features that the Update contains, besides additional small changes, which are the introduction of the new Town Hall 11 and also what Supercell calls the biggest game-changer in the history of Clash of Clans: the full shield mode gets changed.

new buildings sneak peek december update th11

Shield Mode changes

80% of all attacks done in Clash of Clans are Town Hall snipes – this means that 80% of all loot inside the Clash of Clans ecosystem is not showing up. Of course, we have loot problems and Supercell wants to change that with some huge changes to the whole shielding system. Read these posts to get up to date:

These announcements have started a huge conflict in the community, and I’m very excited to see them working in the game – and, of course, I hope that my excitement about those changes will get met and not disappointed:

The new Hero – Grand Warden

Everyone upgrading to Town Hall 11 will also be able to get the new and TH11 exclusive Hero – the Grand Warden who will support your attacks and defenses next to the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King:

Town Hall 11

Here are new things that we will see with TH11:

Other Changes

Donating Spells to Clan Castles, larger village space, and lot of other smaller additions:

Enjoy and check back here to see how the update progressed so far! Clash On!

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