Master the Jump Spell

The Jump Spell is the Spell regularly used in more advanced raids and can also perfectly be used for lower troop compositions. It has the negative reputation to only replace a few Wall Breakers, but in this post, I will show you why this is one of the mightiest Spells in the game and how you can use it right.

What the Jump Spell is Used For

Well, the Jump Spell can, if you look at it very strict, only fulfill one single purpose – making troops able to jump over Walls. You can imagine the Jump Spell as a temporary Wall Breaker, which removes Walls for the duration of the spell.

Simply bring some Wall Breakers and save the space for other Spells! I’ve heard that a couple of times and I can tell you that the Jump Spell is better than some Wall Breakers, because:

  1. You can exactly place it where you want it and don’t have to mind the Wall Breaker AI
  2. No surprises! A Wall Breaker can get killed by damage or walk into a Trap – the Jump Spell is exactly where you placed it
  3. With a duration of up to 60 seconds, it will provide enough buffing during your attack. Why destroying a Wall completely? You only have to overcome it once.
  4. Wall Breaker Housing Space can be used better with other troops

You see that the Jump Spell can only be utilized for one single thing, but in that thing, it’s way better than the Wall Breaker. Now let’s see how to use it best.

Placing the Jump Spell Correctly

When we talk about placing a Jump Spell, we have to make some differences. In my experience, there are two situations where you will drop the Jump Spell – either on the outside for you troops to enter the base or the inside for your troops to enter the core of the base.

Jump Spell placement for entering the base on the outside

First of all, I already mentioned that in the beginning, the Jump Spell has quite a long duration with up to 60 seconds. You can easily drop the Jump Spell BEFORE your send your troops into the battle. With some clever placement you’ll be able to make your troops enter multiple sections:

eagle artillery versis gowiwi and gowipe attack

This has the advantage that you can focus on deploying your troops and not deploy troops and spells at the same time together.

Keep in mind that the Jump Spell has an area with 7 tiles diameter. In many cases, you will be able to make your troops jump over more than 1 layer of Walls.

how to use the jump spell for gowiwi and go wipeIn this case, the Golems can go in and the damage dealing troops like PEKKA, Wizards and Heroes straight afterwards.

Enter the inner core with a Jump Spell

Now it gets more tricky. If you want to enter the inside core of a base with a Jump Spell you have to be good on timing! 

The Jump Spell only removes Walls in the mind of the troops, but once they lock into other targets and maybe get funneled around the base, it’s too late. Your troops will only ignore the Walls within the Jump Spells’ range, not be attracted by the Jump Spell to go there.gowiwi-and-gowipe-spell-placement

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