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 Hi! C-6 here, and today I am going to be talking about farming in Clan War. Going for war loot is something frowned upon by many people. You most likely don’t want to be kicked out of your clan. However, what better time to go for loot when the opponent clan is down by twenty stars and their attacks are all used up?

NOTE: When I say leader, if your clan respects the co-leaders as much, then know I mean co-leader too.

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Step 1 – Ask For Permission To Farm In Clan War

THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! I will go into more detail, but here is the basic idea.

Do not ask to go for loot if:

  • Your clan is losing the war.
  • All your clan cares about are stars for XP.
  • You are facing a top 100 clan.

You can ask to go for loot if:

  • Your clan is winning by a lot, or it is a guaranteed win.
  • You are facing a clan that doesn’t attack.
  • You are facing a clan that has been abandoned.
  • You are facing a clan with a load of rushed bases.

There are exceptions to these basic rules, as I will explain below.

Your clan is losing the war

This one is a no-brainer. If your clan is down by ten stars at the late stage of the war and you go for loot, under most circumstances you will lose the war. There may be some exceptions. If you are down by ten stars but you have many more attacks compared to the enemy clan, you are not necessarily losing. It just seems as, at first glance, that your clan is getting beaten up. However, just four 3-star attacks will have you winning. In this case, you may ask to go for loot (though be prepared to get no for an answer) as opposed to not asking at all.

All your clan cares about are stars for XP

Your clan may want the most XP they can get out of every war to level up fast for more perks. In this case there is no question to only go for stars unless the leader personally tells you to go for a base. The only exceptions I can think of are the one I just mentioned and if your clan has 3-starred every single base on the map. When this very rare occurence occurs, you immediately know you can go for loot. But remember to check with your leader first because they may be weird and want you to attack a random TH3 just to see if you are loyal and will obey.

You are facing a top 100 clan

Chances are that top-100 clans got there by constantly winning wars. You can’t afford to go for loot. The exception is if you are obviously going to win the war. Check with the leader first though.

Any of the bullets under the “You can ask to go for loot” section are not going to be explained (but bullet 2) because they are just self-explanatory.

You are facing a clan that doesn’t attack

Remember, there is something in life called trickery. A clan may wait until the last two hours of the war to use all of their attacks and still win!

POINT: ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE LEADER NO MATTER WHAT (unless you just happen to be in a league that supports going for loot no matter what)! And remember – a lost war means less loot for everyone.

Step 2 – Train For Farming In Clan War

Army compositions you should train when going for war loot are

  • 50% compositions (Barch, BAM*)
  • Any composition that aims to get stars for its respective TH lvl (GoWiWi TH9, GoWiPe TH8, GiWiHe TH7, etc.) but for this case going for the TH

Army compositions you should NOT train when going for war loot are

  • Any Hog-reliant army (GoHo, HoLo, All-Hog)
  • Any Balloon/Lava Hound-reliant army (GoLaLoon, LaLoon)

Army compositions that may work but may fail are

  • Armies with Minions as support (LavaLoonian, Balloonian, BAM*)
  • Goblin armies

When using armies such as GoWiPe, always find the quickest path to the TH. Funnel your troops to the TH and there will be your loot waiting for you.

You should know how to attack with these armies, leading to step 3. If not, find out quickly before the war ends!

Step 3 – Attack

You should know how to get just one star with the composition you trained. You can end the attack once you have 1 star, which helps your heroes, if you use them, regenerate faster if they are still alive. Read other AllClash articles to learn how to attack with the compositions above.

Step 4 – Collect

The easiest step is to collect your war loot, which I assume you already know how.


Whenever you want to go for loot, just remember that the steps to going for loot are ATAC – Ask, Train, Attack, and Collect.

I know I spent a lot of time going over step 1, and I may have said too little on the other steps, so please leave comments!

This is a guest post from Courier_6, who contributed his thoughts on getting more War Loot, if possible. You can also submit your guide or article here (here is the form to do that)


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