Pushing to Master League with TH8

I want to write you how I pushed to Master League and show that you can reach the Master League without much time and without spending money. I’m going to high school and I have not much time but one day I decided to reach Master League and this was my journey.

Reaching Master League as Town Hall 8 without spending Gems

The main reason was getting the 5th Builder, because you get 1000 Gems if you reach the Master League the first time from the achievement. It took me 2 months because I wasn’t active each day but if you want you can reach very quickly. Good thing in pushing is, that you have a lot of resources because the win League Bonus is big in Crystal League. Most important thing in pushing Trophies is being patient and calm.

Be patient when pushing to Master League

Sometimes is very difficult and many times I almost gave up, but glance that you can get a lot of Gems kept me calm. I was depressed because I lost attacks and defenses a lot:

losing-trophies-when-pushing-2 losing trophies while pushing to master league

But sometimes I also was very close to lose but I still have won:

close win 1 star in coc

Motivation is the key

Very important in pushing is your motivation, if you’re not motivated you will quickly give up! So you should have daily goals, for example:

Today I will win 30 Trophies!

These goals don’t have be very difficult, because they are used to stay on the road.

How to reach Master League

So let’s get to the strategy and more. I began pushing with TH7 (and now I’m TH8) and I attacked exposed Town Halls. In Silver-, Gold- and Crystal League (2 and 3) you can find these bases very quickly. But that changes in Crystal League 1 and above. In this phase of pushing you have to be patient and only tap Next. When you find exposed Town Hall don’t be excited and happy and don’t rush, you have to look if there are potential Hidden Teslas and Traps because some players put them around their exposed Town Hall. (Read here why this is simply a bad tactic in this post about exposing a Town Hall right)

trolling base with exposed town hall and hidden tesla around

My army composition was:

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