Smash Southern Teaser bases

Lately, I have noticed a steady increase in the amount of “Southern Teaser” bases, so I thought it might be helpful to give you some hints on how to effectively attack them (because you know their weakness) and also which kind of Southern Teaser bases you should avoid.

What are Southern Teaser bases?

I think we should start at the beginning so we are all on the same page. Southern Teaser bases are a special kind of layout that is not that well-known of an expression, but I think each one of you have already attacked them. The layout of Southern Teaser bases can be used as a Farming Base, War Base or Trophy Base. Let me give an example:


The first thing you notice is the base has a very weakly protected southern side (Southern Teaser). Actually, it’s not the weaker side that you think it is, because it is prepared very very well. Southern Teaser means you leave the southern part open (as a tease) so your attacker will attack from there and run into Hidden Teslas, Giant Bombs and Spring Traps. If you’re not prepared and send in the wrong troops, or maybe not enough troops, the first assault might lose the fight completely.


Some people also like to use their Town Hall for the “tease”, but these are just as dangerous as resources that look easy to attack. This is what all of us are interested in – we see what’s behind the open walls and we immediately want to go for that Town Hall.

How to really attack Southern Teaser bases correctly?

What is your first reaction if you know that the southern side is probably the strongest? Attack from the opposite side… NOT. Look at the pictures, the northern side is also protected pretty good. Sometimes you can just go for the outside or semi-outside buildings to get the 50% out of it.

Test the water first

If you have a layout with a Town House or resources that are open to attack, always test the water! Send in some lonely troops to disarm the Traps and see what’s going on there. You can use this with almost any kind of troops composition. Send in one or two lonely Hogs or Giants, a pack of Barbarians, some single Minions, Goblins, etc. This will disarm (most) of the Traps without losing a significant amount of troops. If there’s no other way, you can also send in your Barbarian King and be ready to activate the special ability. The key is to wisely use a minimal amount of troops for setting off the traps and testing the defenses.

Don’t hesitate and be generous with deploying your troops

The main defensive tactic of Southern Teaser bases is to make you think it’s easier than it really is, so you only deploy some of your troops that will get taken out mercilessly. For your second deployment, you know what’s going on, but you might only have half your army left to attack and the same thing can happen. You basically send in 50% of your troops and see them getting crushed but then you only have the other 50% left in your pocket – deploying 50% another time will pretty sure have the exact same outcome so you can decide to waste another half army or surrender and give up the attack.

This is what the owner of the Southern Teaser base wants to happen and the other way round this is what you never ever want to see happening. Sometimes spending a little more than needed in the first place might decide between victory or defeat.

What’s the story behind Southern Teaser bases?

Using these tactics, you can easily disarm these kind of bases. But why have they become a solid part of base design in Clash of Clans and now growing in number? Let’s finish this post with some Clash of Clans history.

There was a time when not every empty space was covered by Traps. A long time ago, Traps were pretty expensive and you weren’t able to upgrade them. Regular Bombs were so weak, they weren’t even worth the time rearming them. During this time, not everyone was prepared for Traps, so these kind of layouts have been very successful due to surprising the attacker. Also, never underestimate one of the strongest human weaknesses: greed. Sometimes, humans see something and don’t take a short moment to consider why this kind of base looks so easy. I know not all of you like this type of tactic from me, but I think that you can get people to do what you want very easily by just putting something outside that is precious. This can be a Storage in Clan Wars to motivate greedy people to waste attacks, or an Elixir Storage to help yourself pushing trophies.

Also let’s not forget it’s very entertaining if you watch your Defense Log replays with desperate attackers trying to get the 50%. Come on guys, it’s still game and this can be some good clean fun. 🙂

Edited by: StTroyIII

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