Town Hall 11 in 2015

The Town Hall 11 talking have reached another high in the last weeks (including the mails I got) so I wanted to make this post what I think about the Town Hall 11 and when I see this coming to Clash of Clans.

What will Town Hall 11 bring?

To expect the right thing we have to get some straight facts on the way that have applied to all past new Town Hall levels – it’s always about new Troops and new Defenses. When Town Hall 10 got introduced there wasn’t that much reason to upgrade to Town Hall 10, also because Town Hall 10 will kill your loot. So please think about what would Town Hall 11 be like? Will we get another Troop which is Town Hall 11 exclusive? I don’t think so because there isn’t even a Town Hall 10 exclusive Dark Elixir Troop. If there will be a new Troops coming to Clash of Clans it will be a Dark Elixir Troop and this will be available Town Hall 10.

Maybe Town Hall 11 will bring another Defense? But should that be? If you watch how hard Supercell is trying to keep the game balanced I don’t think this is the time to introduce a new Defense – not without introducing a new Troop (which will not be Town Hall 11 exclusive). I also doubt that there will be more Walls to be the argument to get people to upgrade to Town Hall 11 because we all at Town Hall 10 know how bad the last Town Hall upgrade was for our loot. Beside that the new Defense Level will have higher upgrade costs (also including new Storages) and if we take a look at the current Loot Situation I really doubt that Supercell will open that door now.

Will there be a Town Hall 11 in 2015?

To be honest I really don’t know if there is a Town Hall 11 in the roadmap of Supercell even included. I just showed you that making a some more Troops and Buildings will not work to introduce the Town Hall 11 yet and less than 10% of the player in Clash of Clans are Town Hall 10 yet. What I really want is the new gaming feeling I had with Clan War – the “WOW!-Effect” that something exciting and new just came in. I think that the main focus is improving our game experience with new features like Clan War showed 2014 and not just adding some more of what we already have enough – Defenses and Troops. We have Troops with high and low DPS, flying and ground etc. and all that is possible right now is mixing that a little bit and give it a new fancy looking. I don’t miss any kind of Troop in Clash of Clans right now and a new Troops wouldn’t be exiting to me at all. Do you want to see a new Troop and how would that change your Clash of Clans experience in general? I think only a little bit, right? I want to see things that get me return to my base all the time, Extended Single Player Map, Daily Quests, Much more Achievements and last but not least something that has to do with that water I’m looking at for more than 2 years now 🙂

In addition I want to link you to my post what Clash of Clans should turn into in 2015.

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